Sno. Name Date Download
1 NIT_VPMU:PUR:6414 for Chaff Cutter 22-02-2018 Download
2 Tender Notice for Convention of New Plant Hall in to laboratory for powder Plant HCC 16-02-2018 Download
3 Tender Notice for Mandana Flooring Work 05-02-2018 Download
4 Tender Notice for Construction work required for Glycol chilling system 05-02-2018 Download
5 Tender for Prefabricated Booth 05-02-2018 Download
6 Tender for Seed 23-01-2018 Download
7 Tender notice for Boundary wall Pile/Reinforcement at FBD 16-12-2017 Download
8 cancelled Tender Inquiry for Bulk Milk Cooler(BMC) 05.kl/1.0kl 02-12-2017 Download
9 Cancelled Tender Inquiry for Road Milk Tanker (9kl) 02-12-2017 Download
10 Inquiry for DPMCU for Milk Testing 24-11-2017 Download
11 Inquiry for Bulk Milk Cooler(BMC) 05.kl/1.0kl 24-11-2017 Download
12 Inquiry for Road Milk Tanker (9kl) 24-11-2017 Download
13 Inquiry for Fly Catcher set with U.V. tube 18" x 24" 22-11-2017 Download
14 Tender Notice for WMP - BIS Standard grade- Fresh lot 21-11-2017 Download
15 Tender notice for New construction at Guard Barrack First Floor with Flooring 18-11-2017 Download